Dance with Dragons: an Index (spoilers)

3 Prologue Scary Skinchanger & Others vignette
16 Tyrion Voyage to Pentos and Ilyirio
31 Daenerys Ruling Mereen; Drogon murders a child
46 Jon Difficult dealings with Stanis over defeated Wildings
60 Bran North of the Wall with Jojen, Meera, Hodor and Coldhands, looking for "Three-Eyed Crow"
71 Tyrion Leaving in Pentos with Ilyrio
83 The Merchant's Man (Quentyn) Quentyn Martell quest for Daenerys' hand seeks passage Volantis to Mereen
95 Jon Kills Janos Slynt
112 Tyrion Leaving Ilyrio with Duck, Haldon & Griff on a river journey
123 Davos Marooned at Sweetsister by Sallador Saan
134 Jon Executes Mance Rayder; Melisandre destroys horn of Jaromun; the wildings come through the Wall.
148 Daenerys Dealing with insurrection at Mereen "Sons of Harpy"; two dragons in chains
161 Reek (Theon Greyjoy) Theon has been tormented by Ramsay Bolton; used to legitamize marriage to fake Arya
169 Bran Meeting with Greenseer!
179 Tyrion Bonding with sellsword companions over games and learning.
192 Davos
203 Daenerys
218 Jon
232 Tyrion
243 Davos
253 Reek (Theon Greyjoy)
267 Jon
276 Tyrion
293 Daenerys
306 The Lost Lord (Griff/Tyrion)
320 The Windblown (Quentyn)
332 The Wayward Bride (Asha Greyjoy)
351 Tyrion
372 Jon
382 Davos
395 Daenerys
407 Mellisandre
420 Reek (Theon Greyjoy)
434 Tyrion
448 Bron
461 Jon
473 Daenerys
484 The Prince of Winterfell (Theon Greyjoy)
500 The Watcher (Balon Swan)
514 Jon
524 Tyrion
549 The King's Prize (Asha Greyjoy)
564 Daenerys
579 Jon
593 The Blind Girl (Arya Stark) We follow her training as a Facedancer
605 A Ghost in Winterfell (Theon Greyjoy) Mysterious murders at Winterfell.
618 Tyrion Sold as a slave with Penny at an auction by Yunkish outside the gates of Mereen
632 Jaime Wrapping up the war at Riverrun; taking hostages; meeting with Brienne of Tarth
647 Jon
661 Daenerys
673 Theon Escapes?!
687 Daenerys Jumps on Drogon and flies away from Mereen
700 Jon Dealing with Wildings
717 Cersei
730 The Queensguard (Bold Barristan) Barristan gets wise to intrigue
741 The Iron Suitor ()
754 Tyrion Escapes from Yezzan
769 Jon
783 The Discarded Knight (Bold Barristan) Baristan takes charge
793 The Spurned Suitor (Quentyn Martell) Plots to ride one of Daeny's dragons
801 The Griffin Reborn (John Connington)
814 The Sacrafice (Asha Greyjoy)
827 Victarion
835 The Ugly Little Girl (Arya Stark) Arya's first assasination as a Facedancer
848 Cersei The former queen is run through Kings Landing naked to atone for her crimes.
860 Tyrion Signs on to the Second Sons; Promises Pentos and plots to turn them against the Yunkai
872 The Kingbreaker (Bold Barristan) Barristan captures the king on suspicion of plotting.
887 The Dragontamer (Quentyn Martell) Quentyn is mortally burned by a dragon.
899 Jon Stabbed at least 4 times in treacherous betrayal. Probably dead.
914 The Queen's Hand (Bold Barristan)
929 Daenerys
940 Epilogue (Kevan Lannister) Varys murders Kevan to destabilize Westeros for Daeny's imminent reconquest.

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