Why we deserve President Donald Trump

Ok. The right (and some on the left, like Blagojevich) have innovated and profited from the innovation: they've made the startling realization that the public has neither the attention span nor the will to hold individuals or organizations accountable for lying, cheating, stealing, or profiteering.

When there is literally no recourse for gross injustice, up to and including the inability to sway public opinion against those who are obviously selfish, devious and wrong, then we have truly crossed a line as a society.

It is honesty, it is personal responsibility, it is a sense of community and shared sacrifice which made America great. People cheated, sure, but if they were caught they had the good sense and the shame to withdraw from public life (if not into prison). No more. Now our politicians stand up and lie to our faces, their sense of entitlement palpable, the sniveling practicality of those who realize that there is no social cost any more to supporting a liar, a cheat.

We deserve Donald Trump as our president.

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