A way to improve corporate ecological responsibility

I propose a simple law who's purpose is to align the interests of executives with the interests of the communities in which their companies have great effect. If your company releases "safe" waste water, you must swim in it. If your company releases "safe" exhaust, you must breath it. If your company provides "healthy" food, you must eat it. I propose that there be spot checks (in the case of eating) and surprise drills (in the case of breathing and swimming) to avoid gaming the system.

This would also make a very entertaining reality-TV show, similar to "Undercover Boss" (which is a great idea, BTW). Imagine the old white executive having to put on a speedo and swim in the muck he's been releasing. Tell me executives wouldn't take a more...personal interest in making sure of the truth of their environmental impact!

(This idea was inspired by the gloop I saw in the riverbed behind the DWP power plant in Seal Beach. I thought to myself, wow, if the execs had to swim in that, it would be a lot cleaner.)

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