How to Jailbreak your iPhone - with mistakes.

I had some spare time today, and I wanted to upgrade my iPhone to iOS4. I had heard that was making it super easy to do. So I let iTunes 10 upgrade my iPhone to iOS 4.0.2.

Big mistake. doesn't work with 4.0.2, only with 4.0.1. Of course, you can't know that until it's too late.

Most people at this point would be screwed - you're upgraded, and the only way to use your phone is to go to AT&T with your tail between your legs and ask for a 2 year contract. Nicely. Luckily, I had, at some point, saved something called an "SHSH" with Cydia for iOS 3.1, which will allow me to downgrade to 4.0.1, and continue using my T-Mobile prepaid SIM card like God intended.

I haven't yet recovered, and I might not recover. In which case I'll have to forcibly switch to Android. Oh well.

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