Goodbye Facebook, Hello Facetime

I finally deactivated my Facebook account. Been thinking about it since Facebook patented the "newsfeed".I feel good about it already. I really enjoy seeing what people are up to in the world, and reconnecting with old friends, but at some point Facebook became an oppressive force in my life, and now it's time to go. The recent privacy problems are just another reason to ditch the service.

A great deal of Facebook is actually recreated in the open with FriendFeed (, which creates a kind of open newsfeed which other FriendFeed users can comment on, like, etc. Recommended.

Here are some other ways to stay in touch:
  1. Phone or Text (562) five four six-3882 (or 562 54 METTA).
  2. Everything ( Most of my online activities go here, particularly the media I consume. It's better than a Facebook Newsfeed, actually.
  3. Email ( Tried and true. Personally, I really dig email. Way better than Facebook Messaging: it's search-able, universal, and far more private, reliable, and flexible.
  4. Chat (, Skype/javajosh). I'm not a big chatter, though. Would much rather just have a quick phone conversation.
  5. Link sharing (, Sharing links is an easy way for me to say, "Hey, this is neat!". Kind of takes the place of Twitter.
  6. Blogging ( Replaces "Notes" in Facebook, but more general and flexible.
  7. YouTube, GoodReads (, ( Find out what videos I've watched, books I've read, and music I've listened to.
  8. Flickr ( Photos I've taken. This account has languished recently, alas. It's time to change that. Or not. I may start using Picasa Web Albums ( instead (partly because I can't stand the URL I got with Flickr - thanks sis!) Actually, photos are one area where I think facebook does a better job, although I bet these other services will do a good job catching up.
  9. Twitter: not for me.

I hope that, in the end, leaving Facebook will improve my connections with others. One things for certain, I look forward to reconnecting with my blog,
which has a far more spacious & open feel to it. Here, I feel free to write
what I like, rather than the pithy, tiny, and ultimately pointless
quips that the Facebook format seems to encourage and reward. Ah, a new, old day has dawned.

Keep in touch,

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