On Photography

I really like it when people like my photography. For example, someone favorited and asked me to share this beach ball shot.a beach ball, yay! by you.

And I've had other photos requested for books and the like.

But lately, my output has reduced significantly. A big part of this was the theft of my camera equipment. However, even having since replaced it, I've noticed the puzzles of light, color, focus, depth-of-field, subject don't seem to hold my interest. I certainly appreciate other people's work a lot more these days - I am particularly impressed with technical, commercial photography (which, I know, doesn't get a whole lot of love. but I don't understand why. Making things look like their Platonic ideal is interesting, difficult, and beautiful). However, I am less drawn to the art than I was.

And now I am leaving on an extended trip around the world. Photos (and perhaps videos) are expected. That is why I'm renewing my Flickr pro account. However, I'm also going to return my fancy D90 gear (thanks Costco!). I just don't want to lug a lot of heavy equipment. Some of my favorite travel photography was off of a P&C camera - and I know why: the odds of the camera being there is inversely proportional to it's size and weight.

Perhaps most importantly, documenting the experience should never ever eclipse having the experience.

So, with my beat up old SD400 (and water-tight enclosure!), I hope to apply what I've learned about photography, and increase my output once again.

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