Beginner level CSS and HTML tips from Apple

It's brief, incomplete, and out of date. But that said, this page isn't all that bad for beginner level CSS and HTML tips. It has a very nice set of links, including one to a rather good css mailing list.

(I wish pages like this would sport an author and a date!)


Haider Khan said...

hi josh just came across your blog via google .searching for links to modify the google tekka theme.

i m no css html expert

How did you the change the color of the post title??

josh said...

Glad you dropped by!

Good question: I did that some time ago.

Somehow somewhere I bet there is a line like this in the template:

h1.title {color:orange}

You can edit your template through the blogger dashboard.

Haider Khan said...

thanks for the speedy response

Haider Khan said...

no...its in the section

.post h3 a, for changing post title color only

josh said...

I read your question wrong, thinking you wanted to change the title of the whole blog - but you found the correct selector yourself, congrats!