Blogger atrophy

It's a beautiful night, a bit blustry, but cool rather than cold. A perfect evening to feel the refreshing sea air in your face. Before I go I wanted to blog a little bit. I don't really know if anyone reads this thing (certainly not since I stopped posting) so perhaps it doesn't matter. Certainly the ideas haven't stopped coming, but for some reason I've felt less like writing about it here. Perhaps it's the utter lack of feedback - what's the point sending out shots in the dark? None, unless the point is to have Blogger (Google now) host my personal journal for free.

OTOH blogging is still not 'in my blood'. I think that, like with Flickr, there are aspects of blogging that I still don't get. Like the community aspects. Trading links. Trackbacks. Really, it's all greek (geek?) to me. Kind of like Flickr communities. Part of the reason I think I resist learning this aspect is that it's too close to self-promotion, which fills me with supreme distaste for all kinds of irrational reasons. I am much happier creating a thing, letting the world have it, and then not telling them about it. That's what marketers are for, right?

Another issue, at least with this blog, is that it lacks focus. Categories (a new, quite welcome Blogger feature) would help with this, as presumably people could filter out the stuff they don't want. But I think a blog that's focused on software architecture and Java would be more successful than a random hodgepodge of...whatever. Certainly its worth a shot (and certainly I have plenty to say about software coding and design!)


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