A Better Oppurtunity for Linux than ESR thinks

Eric S. Raymond has joined Linux distribution company Freespire because (to paraphrase) "the upcoming shift to 64-bit CPUs offers Linux a golden oppurtunity to gain market (and mind)share".

I would say that the upcomming transition to Windows Vista and McAfees concerns about security, users concerns about vendor lock-in, and other bad press presents an even better oppurtunity for Linux penetration on the desktop. Especially when combined with the rise of the wonderful distribution and highly popular Ubuntu.

(I would add that my recent experience running Ubuntu 6.06 on my T43 went quite well, however I was missing some of my favorite applications - Picasa, Photoshop - and there are many little convenience utils which are generally not available. Also, multi-head support is lacking by default - although supported by Xinerama - and that's a feature I've come to rely on highly.)

P.S. At this point I'm quite aware that I am blograstinating. Back to work!

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