The importance of non-conformity: Addams Family Values & Martin Luther King

Lazing around today, I got to watch the last half of Addams Family Values (1993). What a wonderful movie. I enjoyed the playfulness, the dark humor, and the underlying message that love is really the key, no matter what it looks like. This movie is a strong champion of the message of non-conformity, and what that really means. It shows us what is important by lampooning what is not: what we wear, our perkiness, the way we decorate our houses. Sexual mores are also not important. Gomez and Morticia Adams have a strong and loving relationship, very passionate, albeit based on S&M. This movie is an ode to acceptance, not just of others but of oneself.

As if to reenforce this, driving home I was listening to Studio 360 show on the Lincoln memorial and it's important role as "America's Soapbox". It was interesting to learn that Frank Lloyd Wright despised the memorial as it stands today. And yet, so many non-conformists, like Martin Luther King, Jr., have used it to spread their message: peace, love, harmony, no matter what you look like.

Good stuff.

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